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2003 Officers... 2003 Marque Leaders...
Co-Presidents: Glen Sipe & Jenny Pangle Austin Healey: Robin Balton
Vice President: Pat Eavenson Empire: Phil Rose
Secretary: David Kiehna Jaguar: Jim Ostner
Treasurer/Membership: Thom Perhac MG: Kevin Sipe
Triumph: Jon Brody
Motorcycle: Leo Goff
Competition: Buzz Merchlewitz

Historian: Jack Reynolds
Newsletter: Walt & Gloria Fisher
Publicity: Sylvia Rose
Webmaster: Joe Reed

2003 Newsletters
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2003 Events

2003 Memphis British Car & Motorcycle Fest

September 6 & 7, 2003: The Germantown Festival

June 29, 2003: The Great Race 2003

May 24, 2003: War Memorial Museum

March 2, 2003: April February Fools' Rallye

January 26, 2003: Super Bowl Party

2003 Car Show Poster


2003 Car Show Dash Plaque


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