March 2, 2003 - April February Fools' Rallye

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OK, we know March 2nd isn't really February....maybe we should have named it the "Procrastinators Rallye"....but we didn't. At any rate, we gathered at the parking lot in front of the Butcher Shop Restaurant (on Germantown Parkway at the Agricenter) for a recreation of the Fun Rallye event from the 2002 British Car & Motorcycle Fest. Since so many club members were busy running the Fest, almost none of the BSCC members had the opportunity to enjoy last fall's Rallye. It was a fun event - and a nice drive - so we gave our members a second chance to enjoy it. Hmmmm.....maybe we should have called it the "Second Chance Fun Rallye"...

Points were awarded according to the number of questions answered correctly based on how observant the driver/navigator team was as they proceeded along the designated route. A perfect score would be points. Teams using non-British cars were penalized 1 point. A bonus of 1 point would be given to any team with the top down - but there were no takers!


The Results...

First Place:

 Walt Fisher/Calvin Burnett ('64 XKE)

  59.0 Points
Second Place:

 Norman Adcox/Sherry Adcox ('74.5 MGB)

  52.2 Points
Third Place:

 Karen Hudson/Tommy Gossett ('70 MGB)

  47.0 Points
Fourth Place:

 David Kiehna/Larry Kiehna ('74 MGB)

  46.5 Points
Fifth Place:

 Charles Coleman/Sharon Duke ('56 Thunderbird)

  45.0 Points
Sixth Place:

 Lisa Balton/Robin Balton ('73 MGB)

  43.5 Points
Seventh Place:

 Shawn Rodel/Seth Rodel ('75 MGB)

  38.0 Points
Eighth Place:

 Lynn LeFevre/Priscilla LeFevre (Acura)

  36.0 Points
Started, but DNF:

 Jenny Pangle, Larry Pangle, Bill Cravens & Dana Henking


Part of the group that arrived safely at the Side Car Cafe...


The Balton's (left) and the Rodel's (right) - that's navigator Seth in the foreground...


From the left: Winning navigator Calvin Burnett, the Kiehna team, the LeFevre team and Charles Coleman...

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