Eight British cars met in the parking lot of Equestria Restaurant (Forest Hill - Irene & Poplar Pike) Sunday afternoon. After saying our hellos and kicking tires for a bit, a double deck of playing cars was produced and everyone bought a single card, The gentlemen then started their engines, and off we trailed - heading south, then east along Hwy 72 toward Mount Pleasant, MS (never did see the mountain, though!).

Stopping at a convenient gas station, another round of single cards was purchased, then off we headed again - going south, then southeast (via a gravel road!) and back to Hwy 72! Somehow we missed a turn! So, again east on 72 to Slayden, MS where we turned south on Slayden Rd.

Following that paved road, we next stopped at the tiny Atway community where more cards were distributed, and we got onto Hwy 7 headed toward Holly Springs.

Arriving at the Holly Springs town square, we stretched out legs by touring the quaint downtown area and got another round of cards. Then, we took Hwy 311 back to Mount Pleasant where we intersected with Miss. 302 (Goodman Rd.) and turned west. Another handy gas station allowed yet another distribution of cards, then on west. At Hacks Cross Rd. in Olive Branch we found the Guadajara Grill, justifiably famous for Margaritas & good Tex-Mex food. There we finished dealing cards and ordered a late afternoon repast.

In total, there were 15 of us along. Charles & MaryAnne Coleman, George & Pat Sisterhan, Buzz Merchlewitz & Sherri Williams, Robin & Lisa Balton, Jim & Bunny Hofer, Larry Kiehna, Dennis & Kittye Norris, Sharon & Jim Duke, and all of us had a great time. The temperature was nicely moderate, we suffered a brief sprinkle at Atway, but found partly cloudy skies and dry weather the rest of the way. Even the gravel road had its good point - recent rain made it dust-free!

Oh! Yes! The winners: Bunny Hofer had the best poker hand - a small straight. Jim Hofer had second best - a full house. And, MaryAnne Coleman took home third prize with two pair (aces & sixes).

Wish more could have come along. And, maybe next time we'll head northward toward Covington or Henning?

Jim D

August 24, 2008 - Poker Run

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8/08 Poker Run

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