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2016 Officers... 2016 Marque Leaders...
President: Jerry Chandler Austin Healey: Jim Hofer
Vice President: Jim Duke Empire: Jerry Billmeier
Secretary/Treasurer: Jack Reynolds Jaguar: Dave White
Communications: Jeb Blanchard MG: Steve Wayne & Rich Witmer
Triumph: Jeff Meredith & Dan Newsom

Historian: Carolyn Shepard
Webmaster: Joe Reed

December 10, 2016 - Christmas Party
Here are some photos of our annual Christmas Party taken by Rich Witmer...

12/16 Christmas Party

October 22, 2016 - Historic Elmwood Cemetery Tour
On a beautiful early autumn day, we took an interesting walking tour of historic Elmwood Cemetery...then ventured on to Celtic Crossing for dinner. Here are some photos from the event...

10/16 Elmwood Cemetery

October 1, 2016 - Memphis Euro Auto Fest
Here are photos from this year's car show - our 33rd annual show - along with the list of award winners...

10/16 Memphis Euro Auto Fest
  Class Description 1st Place 2nd Place
1 MG T series (TC, TD, TF), MGAs Mark Hendricks MGA Chris Wilson MG TD
2 MGB Chrome bumper 1962- 1974 Al Ross- 74  MGB Rich Witmer- 70 MGB
3 MGB Rubber bumper, 1974- 1980 Steve Wayne- 1977 MGB Steve Feltman- 1976 MGB
4 Austin Healey 100, 3000 Jim Hofer- 1966 3000 NA
5 AH Sprite, Midget, Spitfire Dennis Norris- Midget Dennis Norris- AH sprite
6 Triumph TR2- TR8, sedans Yardley Bailey- TR3A Bill Craven- TR6
7 Jaguar pre 1980: SS, XK120- 150 Bob Possel- 1954 XK120 Dennis Norris- Jag Mark II
8 Jaguar pre 1980: XKE Terry Roberts- 1970 XKE Walt Fisher- 1964 XKE
9 Jaguar 1980+ XJS, XJ6 XK8 Jack Reynolds- 2007 XK Charles Coleman- 2001 XK8
10 Morgan, Daimler, MGC, Lotus, Jensen, Sunbeam, DeLorean Larry Kiehna- 1974 Jensen Healey NA
11 British Saloons & SUVs: RR, Bentley, Rover, Austin, Jaguar, Daimler DL Simmons- 1967 Mark II Jerry Billmeier- 49 Bentley M6
12 Small British Vintage cars: Austin, Morris, Metro, Mini Cooper  Tom Maliga- 1967 Mini S Julie Eaves- 1957 Nash Metro
13 Mercedes Pre 1980 Rich Rankin- 1967 230SL Leslie Dale- 1972 350SL
14 Mercedes 1980+ Pam Scarborough- 85 380SL Frank Adams- 2006  380SL
15 Porsche- Non 911: 356, 912, 914, 920, 944, Boxster, Cayman Ric Travis- 1964 356 Trey Harrison- 1958 356
16 Porsche 911: 1963 to 1983 Fred Tanner- 1977 911S David Pear- 1911SC
17 Porsche 911: 1984 to 1998 Miles Javic- 1994 911 Bob Buckmaster- 1996 911
18 Porsche 911: 1999+ Steve Plunket- 2015 911 Miles Devic- 2015 911
19 BMW- pre 1980 small coupes, roadsters Roy Schmidt- 1972 2002 Baur Dennis Kiefer- 1957 Isetta
20 BMW- pre 1980 Large coupes & Sedans Larry Kiehna- 1970 2800 CS NA
21 BMW- M and Alpina 1980- 2005 Jordan Reifler- 2002 Z3 M Rich Vining- 2003 Z8
22 BMW- Z, 6 & 8 series, 1980 -2005 Barry Sacks- 1995 840 ci Shawn Bailey- 1984 635 CSI
23 Other German- Audi, VW, Opel, Solstice, Sky etc Beth Carter- 1957 VW Beetle NA
24 Italian/ French Sports Cars- Fiat, Alpha, Ferrari, Lamborghini,  NA NA
25 Other Cars: Volvo, Saab, Miata, Corvette, Datsun, Nissan Rick Miller- 1997 T Bird Rich Scarborough- 69 Mustang
26 Euro motorcycles Ken Weltlich-2008 Triumph Rocket  
27 Non Vintage Euro- 2000+, new Minis Bruce Polyno- Aston Martin V8  
28 Modified Sports Cars (Non stock, all yrs) Jeb Blanchard- 1961 MGA V6  1929 MB SSK kit- James King
29 Preservation (Original, Unrestored) Mike McHann- 1993 MB 300 Gene McClure- 57 Chevy 210
  Best of Show- High point Cars Brit/Euro Yardley Bailey TR3A Roy Schmidt- BMW 2002 Baur

2016 Car Show Poster


September 11, 2016 - Central Gardens Tour
Photos from this event...

9/16 Central Gardens Tour

September 10, 2016 - Cotton Festival and Car, Truck & Cycle Show

9/16 Somerville Car Show

September 3, 2016 - BSCC Cars & Coffee

9/16 BSCC Cars & Coffee

August 21, 2016 - Summer Fun at the Shepard's
Photos from this event...

8/16 Summer Fun at the Shepard's


July 23, 2016 - Rowan Oak, Oxford MS
This month's event was a trip to Oxford, MS, for a visit to Rowan Oak Estate (former home of William Faulkner) and then on to the Oxford Town Square to dine at The Rib Cage for lunch. Here are some photos from Jim Duke, Rich Witmer and Jerry Chandler that were taken at the event...

7/16 Rowan Oak

July 8, 2016 - Bellissima! The Italian Automotive Renaissance 1945-1975
Although not really a BSCC event, several members (Jim Duke, Steve Wayne, Charles Coleman. Jack Reynolds, & Paul Zahner) drove over to Nashville to go to an exotic car exhibition at the Frist Museum of Visual Arts (Bellissima! The Italian Automotive Renaissance 1945-1975). The exhibition consists of Italian design exercises and concepts 1945-1975 and includes spectacular cars. The exhibition continues through October 9th...

7/16 Frist Museum

June 13-16, 2016 - MG2016 in Louisville KY
A handful of BSCC members made the trek to Louisville for MG2016 where 800+ MGs of every variety were in attendance since this was the every-5-year combined annual meet of all the MG registers (North American MGB Register, North American MGA Register, North American MMM Register, and New England MGT Register). You can click here to see a short news video of the event...

The second slideshow below is a travelogue by Carolyn Shepard of the trip she and Hiram made to Louisville as well as her photos of the event... 

6/16 MG2016

6/16 Shepard's Trip to MG2016

May 29, 2016 - Indy 500 Fish Fry
Jim Hofer again hosted our traditional Indy 500 Fish Fry at his home. As you can see from these photos (provided by Jimmy Dawson) the hospitality was enjoyed by a large group of BSCC members...and the food was, as usual, awesome!

5/16 Indy 500 Fish Fry

April 23, 2016 - Mid-South Raptor Center
This month's event, arranged by Jeff Meredith, was a visit to the Mid-South Raptor Center. We met at the Collierville Town Square and went for a drive down two-lane country roads in Fayette County (complete with cattle and horses) and then on to a twisty road through the mountains of east Shelby County. We then arrived at the Mid-South Raptor Center to see the birds they are rehabilitating and learn about raptors and their place in the ecosystem. From there we were off to Shelby Farms for a picnic dinner at the covered picnic tables by Beaver Lake. Many thanks to Jeff for organizing such an interesting - and extremely well attended! - event. 

4/16 Mid-South Raptor Center

March 26, 2016 - Garage Crawl
A very large group of us met at Art and Speed Car Gallery in Collierville for a tour of the facility and the car gallery. Following our visit there, we traveled east to Kerry Alexander's Garage and auto memorabilia collection in Piperton...and then on to The Wolf River Cafe for a late afternoon snack. This was probably the best attended event in quite a while, and veryone enjoyed the perfect weather for the event, as well as the hospitality of our hosts and both the Gallery and the Alexander's home. 

3/16 Garage Crawl

February 27, 2016 - National Ornamental Metal Museum
Twenty five BSCC members and guests gathered at the National Ornamental Metal Museum on the bluffs overlooking the mighty Mississippi on a bright and crisp early spring day to tour this unique site and share its artistic and natural wonders. Several new exhibits offered goldsmithing, jewelry and a variety of metal artwork. The craftsmen in the forge and smithy areas gave talks and displays of their work, and our group had time to leisurely stroll the grounds and take in more metal artwork on the museum site near the river bluffs.

Following the museum tour, the group caravanned to a favorite downtown Memphis pub, the Blue Monkey, for lunch, libations and much good conversation. It was indeed an enjoyable event. - Jerry Billmeier

2/16 Ornamental Metal Museum

February 7, 2016 - Super Bowl Party
Our first event of the year was the annual Super Bowl Party, graciously hosted by Dave White. Enjoy the following slideshow provided by Carolyn Shepard.

2/16 Super Bowl Party

Miscellaneous 2016 Club Documents

2016 EuroFest Registration Form

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