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2019 Officers... 2019 Marque Leaders...
President: Steve Wayne Austin Healey: Jim Hofer
Vice President: Jeb Blanchard Empire: Dave White & Tom Wilson
Secretary: Jim Duke Jaguar: Terry Roberts
Treasurer: Steve Feltman MG: Steve Feltman & Paul Burdette
Triumph: Bill Schulzke

Eurofest Chairman: Steve Wayne     Eurofest Committee: Dave White, Larry Kiehna, Jim Hofer, Steve Feltman, Terry Roberts, Bill Schulzke, Paul Burdette, Robin Balton, Patti Possel

Newsletter Editors: Steve Wayne & Carolyn Shepard

Webmaster/Historian: Joe Reed

2019 Newsletters
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December 7, 2019 - BSCC Annual Christmas Party
Here are some photos (courtesy of David Vondenberger and Carolyn Shepard) of this year's annual Christmas Party....

12/19 Christmas Party

October 12, 2019 - Nashville British Car Show
Over 100 British cars were at this show, which was attended by Al Ross, Larry Kiehna and Dave White. Photos by Al Ross....

10/19 Nashville British Car Show

September 28, 2019 - Memphis Euro Auto Fest
Many photos of this year's car show are in this album...

9/19 Memphis EuroFest

Group Group Description  First Place/Auto Second Place/Auto
2 MGAs  Mark Hindrick/1960 MGA Paul Burdette/1958 MGA
3 MGB Chrome Bumper Mk 1,2, 1962- 1974  Jerry Farrar/1972 MGB NA
4 MGB Rubber Bumper, 1974 1/2 To 1980  John Forrester/1976 MGB Charlie Gemeinhardt/1977 MGB
5 MG- Midget, AH Sprite, Triumph Spitfire John Brody/Triumph Shipfire Charles Lessman/1968 MG Midget
6 Austin Healey 100, 3000  Nathan Bridges/1963 Austin Healey BJ 7 Jim Hofer/1964 Austin Healey 3000
7 Triumph tr2- tr8, Sedans  David Vanderberger/1960 Triumph TR3A Jeff Mederith/1965 Triumph TR-4A
8 Jaguar Pre 1980 ss100, xk120, 140, 150  Jim Ostner/1953 Jaguar/XK 120 NA
9 Jaguar  XKE  Dave White/1967 Jaguar E-Type NA
10 Jaguar 1980+ XJS, XJ6 XK8  Dave White/1964 Jaguar XJS Charles Lessman/2003 Jaguar X-Type
11 Morgan, Daimler, MGC, Lotus, Jensen, Sunbeam, DeLorean  Fred Tanner/1965 Sunbeam Tiger Brian Miller/2005 Morgan Aero 8
12 British Saloons & SUVs Wade/1964 Austin FX 4 Dave White/1960 Jaguar MK IX
15 Mercedes sedans and coupes 1995 and newer Bill Sudekum/2005 Mercedes CLK 320 NA
16 Mercedes Roadsters and Converibles pre 1995 Mike McHann/Mercedes 300 CE Cabriolet Cliff Reyke/1966 Mercedes 250 SE Cabriolet
17 Mercedes Roadsters and Converibles 1995 and  Newer Lynn Jones/2013 Mercedes C250 Erik Nowacki/2007 Mercedes E 63
18 Porsche- Non 911 Jon Brody/1959 Porsche 356 Paul Burdette/1983 Porsche 944
19 Porsche 911 1963 To 1983 Ric Travis/1979 Porsche 930 Larry Kiehna/1977 Porsche 911 Carrea
20 Porsche 911 1984 To 1998  Jim Stravrides/1985 Porsche 911 NA
21 Porsche 911 1999+ Bob Buckmaster/2009 Porsche 997 Jim Buford/1999 Porsche 911
22 BMW Pre 1980 Coupes, Roadsters, Sedans Dennis Kiefer/1957 BMW 300 Isetta NA
23 BMW 1980+ 3 Series, Z Series  Steve Feltman/2006 BMW Z4 3.0i Scott Parkhurst/2000 BMW M Roadster
24 BMW 1980+ 5, 6, 7, 8 Series  Greg Flint/1985 BMW 745i Michael Miller/2003 BME 540IT M TEC
25 Italian Sports Cars Bill Cravens/1973 Opel Manta Benjamin Varga/2002 Audi TT
26 Other Euro Sports Cars  Tom Francis/1986 Ferrari 328 GTS Todd Fountain/Ferrari 488 Pista
27 Other Sports Cars Bob Watkins/1975 Bricklin SV-1 Chris Irving/1992 Suzuki Cappuccino
28 Non Vintage Euro 1990+ New Mini Coopers  Laurie Pelynio/2007 Aston Martin Vantage V8 Joe Gilmore/2006 Aston Martin DB9
29 Modified Sports Cars (Non Stock, All Years)  Jeb Blanchard/1961 MGA  
  Best of Show Dave White/1967 Jaguar E-Type  

September 7, 2019 -  Germantown Festival
BSCC members with their British cars at the Germantown Festival...

July 12, 2019 -  Bremont Event at Mednikow Jewelers
BSCC members were invited to display their classic British cars alongside several new Jaguars at the Bremont event at Mednikow Jewelers. Here is one photo of the event, courtesy of Paul Burdette...

July 11, 2019 -  Collierville Sunset on the Square
Jerry Chandler at Collierville Car Night concert with his granddaughters Eugenia and Helen, from Austin, Texas!

June 25, 2019 -  MG2019
MG2019 - the annual gathering of the North American MGB Register, was held in Traverse City, MI. A group from the BSCC (the Dukes, the Waynes and the Reynolds) made the trek to attend the event. Here are some photos of their adventure...

6/19 MG2019

June 8, 2019 -  Rock & Soul Museum
Dave White and the Empire Marque organized a special visit to the Smithsonian associated Memphis Rock and Soul Museum, located at 191 Beale. This museum uses interactive media to tell the story of the Bluff City's influence on Rock and Blues music. Afterwards. those attending proceeded on to the  Blue Monkey for the usual refreshments.

6/19 Rock & Soul Museum

May 28, 2019 -  Taco Tuesday
The BSCC owes Ileana and Steve Feltman a big round of applause for even undertaking to host our monthly Taco Tuesday at their lovely home on Cotton Plant Road. All together, about 65 persons (and a yard full of British and American sports cars) gathered at the Feltman homestead on Tuesday, May 28th. Iliana and Steve organized the whole affair - a big cooler of cerveza, bowls of salsa, tasty corn chips, cheese dip, and a big container of Margarita!  Ole!! Not to mention having made all the arrangements for a taco truck to pull into their driveway right on schedule.

What could possibly throw deep shade on a perfectly coordinated event? Uh, a no show for the truck.  That's what can dump a cold bucket of ice on the fiesta.

But, Wait!!  Who is that riding to the rescue? None other than Ileana & Steve along with their friends Dottie and Jim, that's who!  They quickly put their heads together, contacted a friendly nearby Mexican restaurant, and soon delivered all the ingredients for a delightful comida campestre (picnic) buffet. It was an amazing and surefooted recovery from a near disaster. Due to their fast thinking and flexibility (and a lot of help from friends of the Feltmans), the BSCC celebrated our largest Taco Tuesday turnout in real style.  Lots of friendly faces, wonderfully tasty food, and plenty of beverages to slake thirst or toast our hosts.  Our emergency rescue squad turned a sure failure into a rousing success.

Brilliant!  And all we can say is Muchas Gracias!

-- Jim Duke

May 26, 2019 -  Indy 500 Fish Fty

The British Sports Car Club owes Jim Hofer a big round of applause for his sterling performance as host and chef at our annual Austin Healey sponsored Memorial Day Fish Fry. As always, Jim (with able support from Bill Schulzke) did a master chef's job providing tasty fish, crispy french frys, traditional hush puppies, and really nice onion rings.

Jim (and Bill) hardly had time to grab a glance at the thrilling Indianapolis 500 mile race that kept folks huddled in Jim's garage rapt. The place was a hubbub of conversation until the green flag dropped, then almost dead silence as the race and Jim's delicious fish grabbed everyone's attention.

Simon Pagenaud won a tightly contested Indy 500, while Jim Hofer led from the start in the Best Host and Best Fish sweepstakes!

Two great wins in one day! Woo Hoo

-- Jim Duke

April 30, 2019 -  Taco Tuesday
Taco Tuesday at La Playita Mexicana...

April 27, 2019 -  Edge Motor Festival
Jim Duke provided these photos of this event...

4/19 Edge Motor Festival

April 27, 2019 -  Hope Church Car Show & BBQ Fest
Here are a few photos from the show...

4/19 Hope Church Car Show & BBQ Fest

April 6, 2019 -  Natchez Euro-Fest
Here are some photos from the Natchez Euro-Fest, courtesy of Al and Dale Ross...

3/19 Natchez Euro-Fest

March 30, 2019 -  Edge Motor Museum
 This month's MG Marque Event was a visit to the Edge Motor Museum in the Edge District,,,,on the edge of downtown. This was sort of a sneak preview of the museum for BSCC members since the museum doesn't actually open until later in April. Enjoy the photos provided by Jim Duke and Jerry Chandler...

3/19 Edge Motor Museum

March 16, 2019 -  Tupelo Automobile Museum
This month's driving event was a trip down to the Tupelo Automobile Museum, which is scheduled to be closed permanently in April. Clear skies and mild temps made for a very pleasant drive down Highways 72, 178 and I-22. A large contingent of BSCC members made the trip - 14 cars...8 of them British!

3/19 Tupelo Automobile Museum

February 24, 2019 -  Garage Crawl
The rain finally left the area, the sun appeared, and a huge contingent of BSCC members turned out for a garage crawl to the home (and garage...and pottery shed) of Jon and Rita Brody, and then converged at Bahama Breeze for food and drinks...

2/19 Garage Crawl

February 3, 2019 -  Super Bowl Party
Our annual Super Bowl Party was once again hosted by Dave White. Here are a few photos...

2/19 Super Bowl Party

January 29, 2019 -  Taco Tuesday
This month's Taco Tuesday was held at Casa Mexicana (535 Perkins Ext. #101)...40 British car enthusiasts enjoying tacos on a cool January evening...ole!

1/19 Taco Tuesday


January 22, 2019 -  Monthly Meeting
Our first meeting of 2019 was very well attended, with a standing-room-only crowd!

January 5, 2019 - BSCC Cars & Coffee
The new year was kicked off by our first event of 2019. Here are a couple of photos, courtesy of Steve Wayne

2019 Car Show Poster

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