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2021 Officers... 2021 Marque Leaders...
President: Terry Roberts Austin Healey: Jim Hofer
Vice President: Jeb Blanchard Empire: Tom Wilson
Secretary: Jim Duke Jaguar: Dave White
Treasurer: Jerry Farrar MG: Paul Burdette
Triumph: Jon Brody
  Lotus: Chris Irving

Car Show Chairman: Jim Hofer

Newsletter Editor: Jim Duke

Communications Assistant: Janey Reynolds

Webmaster/Historian: Joe Reed

2021 Newsletters

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May 30, 2021 - Indy 500 Fish Fry
Jim Hofer hosted our annual Indy 500 Fish Fry, as he has done for many years. Here are photos of the event courtesy of Carolyn Shepard.

5/21 Indy 500 Fish Fry

April 24, 2021 - DeTerra Winery
The skies cleared just in time to provide a beautiful day for this event - a drive to the De Terra Winery near Somerville. Carolyn Shepard provided these photos of the event...

4/21 De Terra Winery

March 14, 2021 - BSCC Spring Break(out)
Our first driving event of 2021 was a pleasant drive from Greenbelt Park on Mud Island, northward through the Shelby Forest area and on to Munford City Park in Tipton County where we had a small birthday celebration for Dave White. As you can see in the photos, we had an excellent turnout for this event - the first in many months -  with a wide variety of classic British sports cars, newer British cars...and a couple of German examples as well. The weather cooperated beautifully with temps in the mid-70s and no rain in sight.

3/21 BSCC Spring Break(out)

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