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2023 Officers... 2023 Marque Leaders...
President: Al Ross Austin Healey: Jim Hofer
Vice President: Chris Irving & Paul Burdette Empire: Tom Wilson
Communications Secretary: Jaguar:  Dave White
Treasurer: Jerry Farrar MG: Paul Burdette
Triumph: Jon Brody
  Lotus/TVR: Chris Irving

Euro Fest Chairman: Jim Hofer

Newsletter Editor: Bob Watkins

Historian: Carolyn Shepard

Webmaster: Chekib Chekib

2023 Newsletters

January   February

February 12,2023 - Super Bowl Party...

Thanks to Dave White for another super Super Bowl party. Everyone filled the table with delicious appetizers that spoiled our ability to eat the clam shell space sauce and marinara and meat ball sauce. Not having a particular team to cheer for both Hi and I had our Memphis logo on tonight.

Jim Hofer won the pot but probably should have because he had the most cash in the pot due to the prankster Robin Balton pushing him for more money to fill in the squares. Lucky Jim!

Dave returned from Bangkok yesterday and did not miss a beat due to jet lag and a 12 hour time zone change. Thanks Dave. (Someday your sunken living room will kill me.) - Carolyn Shepard

2/23 Super Bowl Party

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